The Ultimate Tudor Colouring Book is coming soon!

Illustration The Tudors

My dear friend and book partner Natalie Grueninger, author and podcast host of Talking Tudors, and I are excited to share that our next book, Colouring History: The Ultimate Tudor Colouring Book, will be released on the 25th of January 2024.

Add your colouring style to illustrations of Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Kateryn Parr, Thomas Cromwell, Thomas More, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I, Elizabeth I, and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Let your colour pencils lead you to the lost palaces of Richmond and Nonsuch and the grand views of Hever Castle and Hampton Court Palace. On each facing page is a caption that includes more information about the original artwork or structure that inspired each drawing. 

For my Tudor-loving friends who wanted a copy of the now out-of-print Tudor Queens and Consorts, this book includes our favorites from those pages plus 20 NEW drawings featuring the players and places of the Tudor court. You can pre-order this book with free Prime shipping at: 

Take a look inside:

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