Single Choose Your Own Tudor Buttons
Single Choose Your Own Tudor Buttons
Single Choose Your Own Tudor Buttons
Kathryn Holeman Illustrations

Single Choose Your Own Tudor Buttons

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Choose-your-own Tudor-themed pin-back buttons (also called badges).

• Choose from 10 different designs in the dropdown menu. You may order multiples of the same button pin. Once you add a design to your cart (ie "Anne Boleyn"), you will need to go back and select the additional buttons you want and add them to your cart too. You can also simply buy a set of 8 pin buttons here:

The choices for single (or more) pin buttons are:

Tudor Rose
Henry VIII
Katherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleves
Catherine Howard
Katherine Parr
Mary I
Elizabeth I

• Each pin button is $2.00 USD.

• Each pin button is uniform in size and measures 1.25” in diameter. They have a steel pin-back attached to the back.

• These pin buttons are each made by hand by the artist Kathryn Holeman and based on art she created for her book 'Colouring History: Tudor Queens and Consorts'. Each portrait is based on a historical reference, which is explained in more detail in the book.