Professor McGonagall Laptop Decal
Professor McGonagall Laptop Decal
Kathryn Holeman Illustrations

Professor McGonagall Laptop Decal

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"We teachers are rather good at magic, you know." –Professor McGonagall

• 4" x 3.25" kiss-cut laptop decal. This is not a rectangle shape (see outlined image for reference)
• Original artwork by Kathryn Holeman
• This vinyl glossy decal is removable and reusable so you can switch it to another device. It will come off clean and leave no messy residue or gunk behind to harm your computer.
• water and food proof (not dishwasher safe - but see below for the link to buy a mug with this same artwork)

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Only use these on hard and non porous surfaces like metal, glass, or plastic. I don't recommend removing/reapplying these more than 3 times as eventually the tackiness of the adhesive does wear off. If you do need to move your sticker, use your finger nail to gently peel back a small section. If you encounter any wrinkling during this initial process, don't worry, you can smooth it out when you reapply the decal on the new surface location. Once you are able to lift a small corner, the rest of the sticker can be peeled off slowly without any tear or damage to itself or the original non porous/hard surface.