Ghost the Christmas Stag
Kathryn Holeman Illustrations

Ghost the Christmas Stag

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Ghost the Christmas Stag
a magical Christmas story for nature lovers of all ages.
written by Sarah Fae and illustrated by Kathryn Holeman

36 page paperback, signed by the illustrator
8.5" x 11" trim size

Watch and listen to the author reading this magical story:

Like many children, Hector’s greatest fear is ending up on Santa’s naughty list. But that all changes after a surprise encounter with an unfamiliar creature in the woods.

As news of a shock retirement reaches Lapland, can a Christmas crisis be averted by a little boy with big concern for the natural world?

Ghost the Christmas Stag is based on true events, beginning with a magic that many understand, but quickly reaching deeper into the power of nature and our duty to protect the beautiful wildlife that shares this earth with us.

When you purchase this listing, the book(s) will be signed by me, Kathryn Holeman. Please indicate to whom you would like me to sign the book. I can also just sign it generally with my name if you are not sure.

The Real Ghost 
'Ghost the Christmas Stag' is based on real events. The narrative was formed after a series of personal encounters the author had with a wild white roebuck in Northumberland in 2019, since the 1940s only six have been sighted throughout the British Isles. In folklore the White Hart is steeped in spiritual significance, a rare and elusive creature whose appearance foretells of great change. His very existence in the wild enables us to understand a miraculous ancient truth, nature can and will survive, even if it seems against all odds.